The Making of Cwm Weeg


Despite of the extensive changes and projects that have taken place at Cwm Weeg since the late 1980's, Wolfgang & Kingsley have maintained a very personal feel to the garden. We invite you to share it. 



Front of House in 1987 v Present Day
To the left is the old horse stable with a collapsed south wall and corrugated tin roof. This has now been replaced with a bedroom below and conservatory above conversion.
Sculptures 2012 v Present Day
The sculptures now in place and Great Lawn leading on to Vista. The sculptures are Wolfgang (reclining) and Kingsley's nephew, Jonathan, who stayed at Cwm Weeg at the time.

The Making of the Pavilion
To the left is the construction of our striking pavilion, captured in 2019. To the right is the present day offering a perfectly tranquil and serene setting for coffee and cake.
Renovating Borders
Renovating a border at Cwm Weeg using a  JCB to give more space for the conifer on it.
The renovated border a few months later, the previous extent of the border clearly demarcated by the deeper green of the lawn.

The beauty of Cwm Weeg is its ability to continue to grow and change.

It was the sunshine during the 90s where tops were off more than on!

The Grotto
Building the back of the Grotto, in the early 1990s. Wolfgang with one of the early garden helpers, Graham. To the right, the same area now as part of the Gravel Garden, the back opening of the Grotto just visible.
Wolfgang constructing the Rock Face in 2009.
The finished Rock Face at the end of the Moss Garden follows.